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Hi. Thanks I will check that out.28/08/2009 14:50:36

To both, Toyota re the only suppliers of mk2 sills that dont need to be re-worked. You can use KA and fiesta van sills but they have to be cut and welded to work properly. Theres a guy on the mr2oc looking to have some sills jigged up and fabricated hopefully in the next few weeks so maybe worth checking out.23/08/2009 22:58:32

Hi. Anybody know a supplier for a complete MR2 MK2 door sill. I see from various threads that the rear section is part of the inner wing and goes up over the car. That is the bit that is rusting on my 1990 Mk2 turbo. I did see a note on one MR2 site which said that the Ford Ka sill is very similar, wrong! Its about the same length but there any similarity ends. If there is no supplier does anyone have experience of another vehicle sill which is similar profile to the MR2. Brian01/08/2009 18:08:29

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anyone have or know where i might pick up 2 sills for a 92 Mk2? mine have started to rust badly just in front of both back wheels...any advice about repairing it would help also....thankyou for your time and help in advance....14/04/2008 20:57:24