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The MR2 is presented in 3 different versions, the MK1 (AW11), the MK2 (SW20) and the MK3 Roadster (ZZW). 


MR2 MK1 - AW11 (1984 - 1990)

The Mk1 was in production and available in the UK from April 1985 until April 1990. Initially the car was available in only one basic model, the coupe.


MR2 MK2 - SW20 (1990 - 2000)

The SW20 is available in more forms than the AW11. When they first came to the UK in 1990 there were 3 models. The coupe at 119bhp, the GT coupe at 158bhp and the GT T-Bar also at 158bhp.


MR2 MK3 - ZZW (2000 - July 2007)

The latest generation Toyota MR2 is a no-compromise roadster designed to excite true sports car enthusiasts. It is fun to drive, good to look at and affordable to own.


MR2 MK2 Imports (GT/GTS Turbo / G-Ltd)

The Mk2 MR2 turbo and G-Ltd spec cars where never officially introduced into the UK market by Toyota. The G-Ltd can be considered as an import which is not fitted with a turbo.


General Buyers Tips (ALL Marques)

A review of the more popular means by which to buy our much loved motor cars; the tell tale signs to watch out for; the tricks of the trade and an unbiased look at the pros and cons of cars imported from foreign markets - specifically the MR2 from Japan.






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