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Back in 1990 when the Club was formed the importance of keeping in touch was quickly realized and so a simple newsletter was sent to members. Through the years that newsletter has grown to become the official magazine of the MR2 Drivers’ Club which we know today as Log Book.

Log Book has appeared in many forms, a newsletter, a black and white magazine, a download from our website and even an 8 page centre section in ‘MR2 Only’ magazine. However, whichever form it has taken, Log Book has always been regarded as a great magazine by Club members and has even won recognition of this when voted the best small car club magazine by ‘Classic Cars’ in 1998.

Today Log Book is an A5 format, full colour glossy, quarterly magazine running at around 32 pages and packed full of news, articles and advice. To complement this we have a monthly electronic newsletter, called eLogBook, which informs of forthcoming shows, events and regional meetings as well as the latest Club news. Make sure you register your current email address with the Club so we can email you your copy of eLogBook! We respect your privacy so rest assured that none of your personal details, including your email address will be passed on to any third party or sold as part of a mailing list.

Inside Log Book

The most important element of Log Book is to keep you the member informed, which remains unchanged to this day. However over the years it has evolved to be so much more than that original humble newsletter. Each issue is jam packed full of information, features, articles and photographs so if you own an MR2 you will find lots to interest you. Here are some just some of the things you can expect to see in Log Book:-

  • A list of Club officers and contact details.
  • A message from our Chairman in “From the driving seat”. 
  • Member’s letters in “Mailbox”.
  • A list of new members.
  • News and important messages.
  • Up and coming shows and events.
  • Member’s experiences with their MR2.
  • Technical articles.
  • Reports on recent shows and events.
  • Hints, tips, puzzles and anecdotes.
  • Car of the Month.
  • News from around the Regions.
  • Member discounts
  • Cars for sale
Your magazine 

Log Book owes much of its success to the members who contribute and tell their MR2 story and so we would really love to include your articles and stories too. It can be anything MR2 related such as an amusing experience, a report of an event, a useful tip, or even a full blown technical article it is completely up to you. We would also like you to consider that articles can be more interesting with pictures included so, if you have them, send us some photographs as well. Absolutely anything is considered, long or short, so get writing and see you name in print.

If you don’t think you can write an article but have an interesting story you want to share then why not send us some notes and we will write it up for you. If you don’t have an article but have a fantastic photograph then send it in, it could end up on the cover of Log Book.

Log Book, like all magazines, has publication deadlines so if you want your article to appear in the next Log Book please take note of the deadline for submission. If you have submitted an article and want to know when it may be published then check the print date and expected distribution. You can find out these production details by downloading the latest “log Book Features List” from the member’s area. If you have a contribution for Log Book please email it to with ‘GM1 - Log Book Contribution’ in the subject line or, if you prefer, send a hard copy and any associated photographs to the Club Office.

We look forward to hearing from you…






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