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This FAQ's section of our web site covers most of the questions (and answers!) you might have about joining the MR2 Drivers' Club.


Why should I pay join this Club?

Although we embrace all the advantages of modern information technology, at heart we are a traditional (old fashioned) car club. That means we need income to provide the services our members want. With a modest fee we are able to cater for all MR2 enthusiasts.

We organise monthly local meetings around the country, as well as both national and international events and shows for those who like to get out from behind a keyboard to meet & make new friends and chat face to face.

All members receive an annual Membership Card and in addition an annual Membership Handbook which carries details of club officials, discounts available to members and so on. We manufacture a wide range of quality “club” embroidered clothing, parts and accessories for our members and all these require capital investment. Add to that the postage and printing costs, then you will see that it takes a lot of financial investment to operate a conventional car club. The “staff” are all unpaid volunteers which has enabled us to keep fees to a minimum but, sadly, for all these reasons we just have to charge an annual fee.

For those of you who like a good read, we produce full colour quarterly magazine called ‘Log Book’ and email you a monthly newsletter called eLogBook which will keep you up-to-date with what is happening in the Club.


What are the benefits?

The benefits are considerable but of course it depends what you really want. This can be social, financial, technical or just being able to identify with “like minded” people. You can get as involved in the operation of the club as you like or you can just sit at home banking your savings and reading the magazine. It is all about personal choice. Full details of all the benefits can be found on this site.


How much can I save?

Again it depends on what you need, want and use. We have a number of Insurance companies offering truly competitive quotes, many franchised Toyota dealers give discounts on parts, labour and accessories and we have a wide ranging directory of discounted motoring related service providers around the country exclusively for the benefit of our members. These vary from Tracker systems and alloy wheels to holidays and hotels. The more you use the more you save but one of our discounts alone could more than cover your club annual fee.


Which MR2 models are eligible?

As the name implies we are a “drivers” club not a car club. We are more interested in the individual MR2 enthusiast than we are in the particular year or variant of MR2 you drive. Therefore, any MR2 driver of the wonderful Mk1, the superb Mk2 or the thrilling Mk3 Roadster are all equally welcome and equally represented.

It also follows, therefore, that we make no distinction between cars supplied by Toyota(GB) or the cars often referred to as “Grey imports”.


I only want a Haynes Manual – do I have to join?

If you visit our online shop you will find you are able to purchase many items without joining. However as a member you will enjoy a minimum 10% discount as we feel it is only fair to make items available to members at a reduced price.


Will I be your oldest member?

Very much doubt it! One of the great things about this club is that our active members are of all ages, occupations, sex, religion and interests. We have an age range of 17 to 80 – from all walks of life and we enjoy ourselves.


Is it just a big boys club?

Absolutely not! The incredible thing is that in addition to the many benefits of membership that we advertise there are also a number of unintended benefits.

Over the years we have become something of a “match making agency” – we now have a lot of married couples in the club (pun intended) who met their partner at a club event. We have had a few divorces as well – have to tell the truth but then again that too may be seen by some as an unintended benefit!

We have a large membership that is split between the sexes and this is also reflected in the composition of the board of directors.


What can I do “on line”?

We are a conventional or “old fashioned” club and we still produce a club magazine. However, we do appreciate the speed, ease and convenience of “online” transactions as well as the savings in posting costs and we are conscious of doing our bit for conservation.

Therefore, if you choose to join you will be able to do so online via this web site – just go to join now and follow the instructions. Then, as a member you will be able to amend many of your personal details, such as name, address, phone number, email address as well as making discounted purchases from the online shop and paying your annual membership fee. You will also be able to book for events and all these transactions are in a secure environment and we do not retain details of credit or debit cards.

As a member, you will be able to advertise your car or parts for sale free of charge. You will be able to access the "Dealers and Discount Directory" and the member's handbook.


Why did my post disappear from the technical forum?

Again as part of our service to the wider MR2 community we have decided to keep the technical discussion forum in the public area of the site. The aim is to collect and archive a valuable technical resource on all MR2s that will be available to search by anyone, anywhere and at any time.

To be of use the content of the site has to continue to be relevant in the future and not be subject to the effects of time such as businesses closing.

If the content includes what are, in effect, people looking for or offering services this just tends to clog-up the database with information that can soon be out of date. People searching for technical information want just that - not general chit chat or the use of offensive language. All that serves to do is only to put people off using the facility. So, we moderate postings and we try to keep it technical and we also ask you to support us in this aim. There are full terms and conditions on the relevant page and we urge you to read them.

Don’t forget there is a general discussion area for members who want to get advice from others on local tradesmen or services. When we do identify postings that breach our terms and conditions of use, then they are removed.


Can I go to meetings without joining?

We will be very pleased to welcome you to meetings as a non-member – but only once. We think it is understandable that you may like to “try us” before you join so an introductory visit is perfectly acceptable.

However, you cannot “cherry-pick” the services we provide and not contribute to the operational costs of the club. It all costs money from public liability insurance, general administration costs and the provision of computer equipment and even the web site – so we expect everyone who wants to benefit from our services to contribute to our income. After all it is only fair to all our members.


What are the differences in membership

Since 2009, we have one type of membership, covering both single and double members (double members being two people at the same address). All members have full access to all our services and benefits and you will receive a quarterly copy of our magazine posted to your home as well as the right to attend and/or vote at the AGM.

In addition, we also have an associated membership status, where you may have sold your MR2 or are between MR2s but still want to have access to the discounts, meeting and events.






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