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September Monthly Meet 2016

We held the meeting as usual at the Manor Golf Club. We had lunch and then discussed the last national event and also the forthcoming AGM.  We were in agreement to cancel the October monthly meeting as members would be at the AGM.

The North Region would like to thank Graham & Katherine and Dave & Shirley for inviting us to join them at The Event City classic Car Show in Manchester.  It was a most enjoyable weekend especially when Stig arrived on the stand and decided to sit in the MR2's.  There was an opportunity to be a passenger in a rally car doing 3 laps round a small circuit.  Lots of classic cars on show.  If you have never been to this show it is well worth a visit next year.

The October meeting is cancelled.

August Monthly Meet 2016

Seven people met at the Manor Golf Club for lunch and a general chat. Many subjects were discussed but no decisions appertaining to MR2DC activities. Roy suggested another car run and I think ' volunteered' to organise it. All enjoyed the meet in what was a sunny but very windy venue.

July Monthly Meet 2016

Tony Cook held the North Regions annual BBQ at his house in July.The weather was good and everyone enjoyed themselves.Tony cooked sausages from his local butchers as a starter for us all, they are so delicious I bought a couple of pounds to take home. The ladiesprepared the salads and sweets, while the men did all the cooking on the BBQ. We sat in the sun watching the 'master chefs' at work. A few photos of the BBQ are below.

Thank you Tony, for providing your home and all the hard work cutting your large lawn , cleaning all the chairs etc. for us all to have a fabulous day..

June Monthly Meet 2016

Four cars arrived for the June meeting, all were unable to go to the Birthday Bash for one reason or another. Discussion took place on a number of topics including the annual BBQ at Tony Cook's on the 17Th July The Birthday Bash was discussed and we wondered why it had not been made a celebratory weekend as the 25th anniversary is a very important milestone for the club. With Mags sister in hospital she could not stay long so we decided to close the meeting earlier than normal.

May Monthly Meet 2016

How the time has gone quickly. It is already the 5th meeting of this year.

At this month's meeting the topic was about John & Denise Elgar's MR2. They been having a problem with the car not starting at times. John had thought, it might be the starter motor and bought a new one. Unfortunately this did not solve the problem. John then tried tapping the starter with hammer and having worked once refused to start the car. John & Denise now think the problem could be related to the alarm system. Knowing John, the MR2 will soon be back on the road. If anyone has got any idea's ? Let John know.

Tony Cook came over to Sale and left his car on my drive, we travelled to the Manor club in my car. The reason being on bank holiday Monday, we were due to join the Northwest Region with the MR2's to go on show at the classic car show at Gawsworth Hall. Graham who had organised the event, telephoned me to say that the show had been cancelled, due to the field being water logged. It was a shame, as it was a a good show last year and we were all looking forward to attending this year. Thank you to Graham and Dave for organising this event.

Do not forget to let Tony know if you are coming to his barbecue.

February Monthly Meet 2016

This month we had 5 cars at The Manor Golf Club.  I got a call from Rob & Maureen with an apology for not being able to come to this meeting.  I received a telephone call from Paul Baines-Holmes from Harrogate, asking about the MR2 club.   Paul has bought a roadster from one of our club members.  The Log Books were given with the car.  I suggested to Paul to come and join us at this month's meeting, to discuss with member's what the club does.  Paul arrived in his special limited addition Roadster.  I hope we gave Paul the information that he required and he becomes a member.

Ann & Roy brought in a quiz for us to do.  We had an interesting afternoon, it was good fun and a laugh.

We discussed what our Region would like to do this year.  As all our member's were not in attendance, we did not confirm dates or make any final plans at this stage.  Tony is doing the yearly barbecue again and suggested visiting the Aircraft Museum in York, also an afternoon drive out to Shipley Glen.  Perhaps a visit to the Isle Of Man for a few days or a week?

Please Note:- The North Region Has Cancelled The March Meeting due to Mother's Day.  Unfortunately no other day was suitable for everyone.

November Monthly Meet 2015

Four cars arrived for this month's meet. Mick Jones in his newly, much refurbished Mk2 with only 38k on the clock, looking very resplendent in a re-spray of GT 86 metallic black over GT 86 metallic orange and orange seating.  Well done Mick.

Those of us who attended the AGM had a very enjoyable weekend, particularly the visit to the Morgan factory and the 'dancing' entertainment on Saturday evening.  Many thanks to the organisers of this event.

A decision was reached on the winter weekend, it is to be over the weekend of the 27,28,29th November in Windermere.  Thankyou Denise for organising this.

October Monthly Meet 2015

Over the weekend of the 18th/19th Sept, we, as a group, were invited by the North West to join them at the Classic Car Show at Event City, Manchester.  Mags and myself joined them for the whole weekend which was enjoyed by all who took part.  Many, many thanks to the North West for the invitation which was much appreciated.

The October meet took place at the Manor Golf Club with only three cars attending, Mags was not there as she had only just had her operation within the previous week.  We all wish her a successful and speedy recovery, although we understand rehabilitation from such an operation is a slow process.  Again various topics were discussed with no definitve results.

August Monthly Meet 2015

On the 19th July ten of us met at Tony Cook's home for what seems to have become our annual BBQ.  The weather was very kind to us, the rain held off and with the men doing the cooking a very enjoyable time was had by all.

Thank you Tony for inviting us all to your home for the BBQ it was a good day out.

The August meeting was once again at the Manor Golf Club with ten people attending.  Amongst the things discussed was our Winter/Xmas weekend away, where and when to have it.  Denise is looking into a few hotel deals after a few suggestions were given.   This will hopefully be decided next month.

July Monthly Meet 2015

Our July meeting saw 7 members waiting in the car park of the Drighlington Golf Club for Roy's run into the countryside. A quick reminder call to John and Denise soon had them joining us and details of the route were distributed, Tony agreeing to navigate for Mags.

This meant we had 3 MR2s and 2 others in the convoy that left for the outskirts of Bradford and on to Otley before heading through the Dales proper for Stump Cross Caverns. Here we enjoyed a pleasant lunch and a look round the gift shop where Mags treated herself to an amber pendant. Nobody ventured into the caverns as some had been before and others didn't want to.

After a quick photo call, courtesy of an obliging lady visitor, we left and journeyed through the beautiful Dales countryside to Burnsall where we parked beside the River Wharfe. Mick continued into the blue yonder as he had another appointment. Many ice creams were purchased and some realised they had paid more for their parking and ice creams than others, much to his disgust (Roy).

With skies darkening we decided it was time to move on, arranging to meet at Tony's bar-b-que in 2 weeks time. As we drove away the heavens opened and we passed many folks who had left it too late and were getting soaked, we were thankful to be in our cars.

Thanks to Roy for arranging the run and Ann for allowing him to. Next meeting at the Golf Club as usual.

May Monthly Meet 2015

I received a telephone call from John Elgar to say that Denise was suffering with flu and they would not be attending. Also, I new Maureen and Rob would not be able to come as Maureen has had a nasty accident, which has resulted in a dislocated shoulder and a broken bone which might need surgery. Best wishes to both for a speedy recovery.

We were joined this month by James & Kate from the Huddersfield area. They arrived in their red MK1 which James had bought Kate as a gift. Naturally we all went out into the car park to give it the once over. It is nice to have young and enthusiastic members in the North region with fresh ideas.

Mick came in his new MK2 which he is in the middle of renovating ready for re-sale. Mick also brought us a few leaflets of classic car shows in our region. Thank you Mick.

I had my blue driver's sun visor damaged by a 10 year old child who I allowed to sit in my car at a show and he played rather roughly and ended up breaking it (take note). Mick very kindly arrived with 2 scrap visors from a MR2 breaker which were the right colour. Hopefully this will do the job. Thank you again Mick.

Roy & Ann have asked for ideas on an area for the car run he wants to organise. If you have any ideas or preferences get in touch please.

Tony Cook  joined me on Monday in his MR2 Roadster to go to Gawsworth Hall Classic car show, to which the Northwest Region had invited us. It was a good show and the weather was nice. Thank you to the Northwest.  The highlight of Tony's day was watching me wash the MR2 using small steps ladders to reach the middle (Tony you should see me washing my Honda, the ladders are bigger).

April Monthly Meet 2015

I was expecting just one or two cars to turn up this month. I had received a couple of phone calls from members, to say they could not attend this month, with it being the Easter Break. I was delighted, we had 5 cars in the car park.

We discussed The Historic Classic Vehicle event at Fort Paull Armouries Museum, Near Hull, on Sunday the 19th April. There will be about 5 of us going and hopefully Mick will have recovered from his recent operation to attend?  Mick had given us all the information about car events in the future. Thank you.

Ann & Roy called in to tell us that they are renewing their membership via the internet and Roy asked would anyone be interested if he organised a car run in the future?  We all agreed that we would.

March Monthly Meet 2015

We had several cars attend at this month's meeting. Mick one of our members is also a member of a number of other car clubs. Mick very kindly produced 2 event schedules one for The Yorkshire Thoroughbred Car Club, a full year of events, which Mick will attend approx half of them. The other single event, is at Fort Paull for Historic & Classic Vehicles on Sunday the 19th April. Schedules for both events are attached. Thank you Mick for all this information much appreciated by all.

February Monthly Meet 2015

This month we had only 3 cars arrive for the meeting. I had received a couple of phone calls from some of our members to say they were having problems with the snow. We had a meal and then decided to leave early.


January Monthly Meet 2015

On January 4th, we met at the Manor Golf Club. On arrival their car park was full. It was the Morgan car club annual meeting. It was nice to see so many Morgans together. We went into the club briefly for a quick coffee, then continued to The Village hotel. Tony Cook was the last car in the convoy, I lost sight of Tony at a set of traffic lights. However as I could see Mick in front of me, I decided to keep close to his MR2, as I was unsure of the way and did not know the area. When I joined the rest of our group, I told them I had lost sight of Tony. John Elgar and Steve Wright decided to go in search of Tony. Tony arrived first followed by John & Steve. Tony told us he had to stop as his back door was not closed properly. Then he got stuck in heavy traffic. We all settled down to our new year's meal. John and Denise invited everybody for a coffee at their newly built house.

Our next meeting will be in February at our usual venue. The Manor Golf Club from 12pm onwards. I look forward to seeing you then.

New members would be most welcome to join us too.




December Monthly Meet 2014

The North Region Members would like to wish you all.




November Monthly Meet 2014

We all arrived at the same time and went into the club and ordered our drinks and food. We had not realised, that we were being watched from across the room. We went down stairs to the room we have the use of. We sat and chatted about the AGM and other recent events. The door opened and in walked Carol and her Son Steve. (They told us they had been in the bar area). It was really nice to see them both. Steve has inherited his dad's MR2. Trevor had done so many modifications and added on bits that Steve is still finding his way round it and also getting to grips with the power of driving the MR2. At the moment it is off the road having some work done on the sills. Steve had arrived in his BMW very nice.

October Monthly Meet 2014

It was a good turn out at this month's meeting. It was nice to see Terry & June. The car park was full because there was other event's going on at the same time. I managed to find a car parking space. The car next to me drove away. Tony cook and myself stood in the space while Mick moved his car into it. After Lunch the men disappeared and left us girls chatting away. Of course to look at a car, what else would it be Tony had arrived in his new Seat car only about a week old. It is very nice with a lot of gadget's on the dash board. I do not know if I would like so many. I like the MR2 dash board and controls. it is so simple, all I have to decide is if I want the radio on or off. That will do me


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