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June Monthly Meeting 2016

I would like to thank everyone who came and supported us all over the weekend.

It all started when we all met up at Dover services, once myself and Mark had blagged a tea in the Premier Inn we all set off for Deal.

The atmosphere there was brilliant and we were set on a slight slope which means our cars could been seen from the road, it was a bit of a squeeze but a good arena. The weather was ok and overcast but somehow we got sunburn.

It was the first time we have been here and it was a great day with all kinds of cars on display going the whole length of Deal seafront. We will going back for sure.

Crystal Palace was organised this year by different people this year and was disappointing to be honest. We set up our stand, Alan & Linda started to the bacon rolls to warm us up which were great. A new guest came along and i hope we made Steve welcome and see him again soon. To be fair there was some great racing on track of cars of all kinds. But the weather was not as kind as the day before.

A big thanks to the Cayzer family for letting me crash at theirs Sunday night, and for all there help over the weekend.

Mag Motors 2016

Date : 30th April - 1st May
Location : Eastbourne

What a start to the season,

As some of you had seen my baby was in the garage for a few bits and bobs to be done, i had wanted it all done before the weekend.

Sure enough my new mechanic came through for me. I contacted the organsers and they reassured me that all was ok with our pitch.

The evening before Danny posted that his car was in bits, oh great i was thinking, that's one dropped out.

Me and little Harry arrived at our meeting point and Rob was already there with his car looking the bees knees. Then i could hear from half a mile away this Black MR2 arriving, Danny had been working until 1 in the morning to get his car all back together.

Once we all together we set off to the arena for the day, it was obvious from the start when we arrived that our pitch was not big enough by a long way, so we had to make a little land grab. We put up the gazebo, banner and flags. The all the cars were being polished like mad.

More and more people started to arrive and our cars were either side of the walk way, so the club was getting attention from both sides.

All the T Bars had their glass off and the first shower came over, but we were a risking it and kept our hands in our pockets. It was great to have Cathy back with us, her car was given some TLC from Rob. Thanks to Alan and Lynda for again providing the BBQ for our bacon rolls in the morning, and to everyone who provided the ingredients.

The first day was great, the sun came out, the people came out and i think i got a little burnt, we had to take a little room from the burger wagon with the gazebo but a fantastic day.

While the second shower came i received a reminder on messenger to renew my membership. All the glass was back on the T Bars.

So after i had polished my car, i had to then take of the beading from the little shower. That night we had a well good night with all my members who stayed over night, plus Rick and Chris came to join in as they were coming for Sunday on their first meet. I was sitting next to Mark and he wanted to rip my arm of for some reason.

Sunday we all met again and i had a plan for our undersized pitch, i had a MK1, 2 and 3 today, so they were on the same side as the gazebo and the others on the opposite side. The sun was out and Danny had been working on his car through the night again.

Lynda and Alan were on the tea, coffee and bacon rolls, T Bars were all packed away. More and more people were coming to see us.

Mean while i had received a phone call about renewing my membership, oh dear. All the cars were looking great, and it was nice that this year we were next to the Aston Martins of all kinds. It cost me a fortune to have the nice hot weather but its all part of the service i provide in the South East.

A big thanks to everyone who came and supported us over the weekend, To Steve, Cathy, Mark Lynda and Alan who stayed over night.

New members Hamilton, Chris and Rick, i hope to see you all again soon. A fantastic start to the season.

Thanks again to everyone.

November Monthly Meet 2015

As in meets before here, it was another great time, we had 14 people at our Sunday Chinese dinner.  Although I had my nose pressed against my windscreen because of the fog on the drive up and back, it was all worth it.  I have brilliant members with fantastic conversation.  Marina has been very busy organising our Christmas dinner and I think we are very nearly full at our table now.  So if you still intend to join in, time is fast running out.  Please get in touch if you want to pull a cracker with us. 

I understand members are having problems getting to the Christmas menu page on Beefeaters web page, so my member who I turn to in times like this, ( Maria ) has beside her the menu printed and her MR2 folder at the ready.  Marina has very kindly said you are more then welcome to phone her and she can go through the menu with you, and she will take down your choice.

MR2 Run Date : 15/11/2015 Time : 08.00 Location Eastbourne - Brighton

This meet is not organised by myself, but as it's local to me and it has been advertised on Facebook I thought I would give it a plug for the people who are not on it.  Here it is, all I have done is copied & pasted.  After a successful mini meet in Eastbourne, I've decided to organise another, but hoping to get a bigger group of us together and also hoping we can get some mk1's and mk3's in on the action too this time.  We shall just meet,, have a chit chat and wot not, grab some grub in Burger King and then hit the roads for a little drive.  People from Eastbourne and surrounding area shall meet up at the McDonald's Lottbridge Drive car park (behind Pizza Hut) at between 8:30am and 9:00am, ready to head down to Brighton via the A27 at 9:15am.  Those coming from other areas make your way to Burger King at Goldstone Retail Park in Hove for 10:00am.  This event will be dependant on weather, so if it rains I shall postpone to a later date.  So keep your fingers crossed.  Look forward to seeing you all then.

September Monthly Meet 2015

After a great day with the best turnout we have had for the Epsom run, our region has had some fantastic feed back from Toyota GB HQ.

With our amended new route tried for the first time this year we had a few mishaps. Something I will get right next year, with our rules en-forced, and more radios.

Below is a report posted on Facebook from Edd which saves me loads of time, Thanks Edd.

Had a great time today with the MR2DC on our annual Epsom to Eastbourne run.  After a few weeks of terrible weather we were finally blessed with a beautiful sunny day and that made the run all the more enjoyable.  As usual we began our run from Toyota GB Headquarters in Epsom where the guys there opened up the showrooms and supplied donuts and hot beverages.

We began our run after a short photoshoot outside the front of Toyota HQ, Wedge was looking pretty snazzy after all the time I spent cleaning him yesterday.  The photos are going to be used for a blog post on the official Toyota UK blog as the two community managers that run the blog were joining us on our run.  I don’t think there are many other manufacturers that get so involved in their local car clubs.  They even pulled out their mint Mk3 Roadster from the Toyota heritage fleet to join us in.

The first leg of the journey is the most boring bit as we have to get past the more built up areas around Epsom to reach our first stop at the Grasshopper inn on the A25.  We had to wait for a while as some of the gang got a bit lost on the way!

Once we were all together we got going again and the real fun started with more and more scenic roads on the horizon.  We blasted through the country lanes leaving a roar of many 4AGEs and 3SGEs in our wake.  Passing by a multitude of classic cars from Ferraris to classic Jaguars and plenty of Triumphs.  I think everyone who owned a classic car was making the most of the best Sunday afternoon for about a month!

Our second stop was at a small farm shop half way between our starting point and the road down to Lewes.  A nice scenic location with a chance to have a quick choc-ice and a drink before making our way again.  This is where we were met with a local Lotus owners club which were out on a similar outing to us.  My favourite was the Esprit, although the Elan was also very nice.

On the road again and we got to go down some of the best roads of the run before we reach our final stop at Beachy Head.  Through the big tunnel at Lewes making as much noise as possible and then along the seafront at Eastbourne and finally through the twisting roads along the coast.  A fantastic day out rounded off with most of us completing the trip with a fantastic meal at The Lamb in Hooe.  So glad the sun came out of hiding for us today and was also pleased that the lads from Toyota could join us.  They even took a few snaps of Wedge and asked me a couple of questions for their upcoming blog post about the run!  Looking forward to that, and will definitely share here for those that are interested.

June Monthly Meet 2015

Bromley Pageant of Motoring

Sunday morning, bright and early and a small pub carpark is filled with our mid-engine Toyotas. The sun is out - not a cloud in the sky and the stage is set for a fantastic day. We ended up having more cars than we did spaces on our special stand but that didn't stop us getting everyone in and together on our stand.

Many hands make light work so the gazebo, flags and sign were up before you knew it, time for a cup of tea!

The MR2 stand proved immediately popular, even though we were in our usual back corner spot, and we had interest from all sorts of people and we even had some new faces to add to the email list. Welcome to those I met yesterday, hope to see you at our upcoming meets.

Thanks to all those who attended, hope to have even more of us next year!







April Monthly Meet 2015


It was a brilliantly sunny easter Sunday this year, I hope you all had a great time and didn't eat too much chocolate! Those of us that went to Chatham lapped up the sun in what turned out to be a great event. There was much to see and do with not just classic cars but lots of fresh food stalls, steampunk village, modelling zone and even the set of Call the Midwife is there for you to have a look around.

When we weren't basking in the sun behind our cars we were enjoying some ice cream and donuts whilst checking out the vast array of classic cars that filled the dockyard. It was a great day out and thoroughly enjoyable, hope to see more of us there next year.

Dunsfold 2014

Well, Dunsfold had a brilliant flying display. Lancasters and Vulcans all over the place. The Red Arrows were on top form and again we had a great atmosphere on our hard concrete stand. We had our pitch half on the old runway and half on the grass, perhaps we were too polite again and we did what we were told, we should of done a land grab like the TVRs did, but we didn't let it get to us, so i grabbed Emily and made sure I booked a better pitch for next year. As I said it was still a brilliant day, Jacko decided to bring his dog along and then found out your not aloud dogs on airfields. So his wife was banished to the next field with the dog and a bottle of wine. Our dining standards have been raised with Debs and Penny bringing salmon sandwiches and Jacko with his wine, well it looked nice anyway. With 14 cars on display and more MK1s than anything else, we had a nice relaxing day watching the displays. Nathen getting some superb photos of the Lancasters. I think this is the best meet of the year, and I cant wait for next year. Thanks to everyone who got up so early in the morning, I do hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

August Monthly Meet 2014

I contacted Tony to ask if he wanted to postpone as Bertha was coming right across our day, and was threatening to blow our BBQ away. Before I could bring the subject up I was told its going ahead, were not going to cancel. Edd said he might have to cancel as his car was sick, so I was up at 0600 and left to pick him up. Bertha was starting to hit our region but not as bad as I thought. After I had swung by and picked up Edd, the weather started to get a bit worse, and by the time we were on the M3 and the aquaplaning started. We had to stop on the services so I could change my shorts and started smoking again.

The gazebo was asked if it could be up in Tony's back garden, but with a squeeze and a push myself and Edd managed it, we got soaked, but we managed it. Bertha tried a few times to ruin our day with some major down pour's, but us in the South East Region are made of harder stuff than that.

It was a big pleasure to see Maria out on a meet again. Marina, you looked great and I am so pleased your back on form.

Dora was hard at work and Tony was supervising in the back garden. The food as expected was fantastic, the meat was done to perfection. Once again we had a brilliant day, the company as always is fantastic, the hospitality was second to non. A big thanks to everyone who made a effort and driving through Bertha.

Tony & Dora you did us proud. Thank you very much. Now – who's turn is it next year ? ? ?

Epsom to Eastbourne Run 2014

First of all, for the second year a big thanks to David Crouch, from Toyota HQ for letting our region use his facilities on Sunday. Its the perfect start to our run to Eastbourne. We all took the chance with the weather and the lids and glass came off. We thanked and said our goodbys to David and his good lady for their hospitality. The radios came out and we had a quick brief, and of we set. It was good to see new members coming along, Pete, Sam and Edd. In all we had 10 cars in convoy on a wonderful sun shine day. The run went fantastic with stops at a little farm shop, and Beachy Head, There was a air sea rescue happening while we were having a peek over the edge, well. Mark was looking over. I was a wimp and standing well back.

The convoy headed off for our lunch, after another successful Epsom run. Again the weather was kind to us and we managed to dodge all the showers.

Ace Café and Bromley Pageant 2014

Our region has just had a well busy weekend, First of was Ace cafe on Saturday night. We had arranged to meet early 1730 with the car park open to us at 1800. I left my lodge at 1610 leaving me over hour to get there. It took over 2hr 30 mins to get there, with thanks to M25, and what sort of muppet arranges a meet only a mile away from Wembley Stadium when 1 Direction are on. I was already getting messages that the traffic was beating some people, but I did not have a choice as I had organised this meet. In the end I got there at around 1815.

Ace had a hairy biker as a car park attendant helping to park the 19 cars that had battled London's traffic. With no 2 MR2s being the same there was a wide range of cars on display. Its was good to see Barrie Stokes and Angie again One of the high lights was some of the bikers was doing wheelies along the road at brake neck speeds and all our camera's were too slow to take pictures. As usual the food there was fantastic and we were made to feel very welcome by Ace. But all our watches were being regularly being checked as time was getting on and 1 Direction are to finish at 2200 and non of us wanted to get stuck in there traffic again. Besides Bromley Pageant was on tomorrow and the weather forecast was looking good. As I like getting our members up at silly “O” Clock the meeting time is set for 0730.

0730 and were starting to gather I was looking for 13 cars, and that's what turned up. Pete Kyte turned up in a MK2 and Ray & Sue Boulton in a MK1 both are now on our mailing list. Once together Mark led us on our way to the show grounds, the sun was already out and all our T Bars were stowed away. Once on our pitch, the gazebo was set up and the brews were out, we had a fantastic atmosphere with the MK1 Club and Drivers club all together taking shelter from the sun. There was a little trouble getting the badges from the pageant so i sent our secret weapon. Bob. As expected he came back with some. Later on Barry went to do battle with the organisers and he came back with more badges. Fabtastic. This was the biggest Bromley Pageant there's been there were 1000s of cars, of all different shapes and sizes. Marina phoned to make sure we were all behaving our selves, and we all hope to see her soon. The sun was beating down and not for the first time this year I was topping up my tan. The Owners Club came and had a look around and we now have also Edward Dyer to our mailing list. We found Sam and he got his car on our pitch too.

June Monthly Meet 2014

This year has started really well. We have great weather so far on all our meets, and a great turn out. We had limited space at Crystal Palace and we met as usual at 0730 at the Rose & Crown. When I left my house I had my sunglasses on, but the closer I got to the meeting point the darker the weather got. In the end it was poring down. Alan came along and gave us our tickets and led us of to the meet. Thanks Alan for your help. We set up the gazebo just in case it started to rain again, then we were set for the day. In the end it was good weather all day, Jaquie did a wonder woman change in a portaloo. I saw that the TVRs across from us had a huge snake on his engine so I asked if the lady handler would put it on my car. I had to pay £5 and the huge python was laid across my car, she was majestic and fantastic. Over 12ft long and pure white. We had all 3 types of MR2 there all in great condition. A very successful day. But the drive home was pants.

May Monthly Meet 2014

What a great weekend over 2 days we just had. Saturday we had 5 cars who met my home in Eastbourne. After the bacon rolls came out, we headed of for the seafront. With 5 cars in a convoy and the sun shining our T-bars were off. We set up the gazebo for the first time this year which all worked out fine. The tide was out, what a fantastic setting. With the sun beating down the day was set and the public starting to come around, With Steve's MK1 Supercharger and Robs immaculate MK2 we were getting the people around us. I was getting burnt to hell. The Club which was on our right had a little of our patch but I was not concerned as I only had 5 cars for the day.

Our dinner this year was at a local Chinese buffet and they were brilliant, Marks birthday was the next day and the restaurant brought out a little birthday cake for him, a brilliant touch. Great company.

So Sunday came round and this time i had 9 cars coming as Andrews MK1 Supercharger had sprung a leak. Again the bacon rolls came out at my house while everyone turned up, i had even got Penny & Debs up early for this meet. ( now that is a first ) once the bacon had been washed down the 9 car convoy left and we were off to the seafront for day 2 in the sun.

A problem soon reared its ugly head, the club next to us had again encroached into our pitch, so we could not get all our cars parked. This is the first time i had come across this, it spoiled it a bit as we had to park very close together with Pat having to park in the row across from the rest of us.

The sun was beating down and the place was soon buzzing with people. Then there was 100s of people around and it stayed like it all day. As usual Luke took his car apart and cleaned and polished, Nathan took some fantastic photos, but we were missing a key member in our region. Marina is well on the road to recovery and our love and best wishes go to her, I'm sure will see her soon at a meet. We could not leave until p.m. and again i got burnt even more, i have even got white bits now.

April Monthly Meet 2014

Our region has just had a great weekend in Chichester with Southern Classics Society. Thanks to Tony & Dora for inviting our region. First of all I had to find our flags, I was sure they were in the bottom of my wardrobe somewhere. I got them out and I gave them a quick going over with the iron. The car was packed and I was ready.

We all had to be at Tescos car park for 09.00, sat nav said 1hr 50 mins. I was there in less than an hour, so I started to clean the wheels. We all arrived and the college was just round the corner. It was then I realised that I had forgot to put the flag pole's in my car. Dam. I thought I had let the club down. A joint meet without our flags, well, no poles.

So we were put at the far side of the car park under some trees and the sun was coming up, we had good space between our cars so I started to polish my baby for 2 hours. The banter started from the others, but I kept going. Parked it at an angle then had a walk around. I found the Southern Classics stand and had a look around. I saw some nice jackets, but I knew I couldn't get it home without the Mrs seeing it. But then some trophy's and asked who dose the judging, then I was told they were out there already. I was given a brown envelope with the form I had to fill in and put on the windscreen, I knew I had thrown it somewhere in my car.

The form was found and done, the judge came round and made some notes on his clipboard. Then another came and made some more notes. Then someone came and took photos. I think I saw our club on there too. Time to get over to the tent to see who's won.

I will leave it to you all to see who won the Best Club ( without flags ) – and “ Modern Classic Pride of Ownership “ Trophy. A great start to our season.



Festival of Steam and Transport - Chatham Dockyard

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